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I tried out a few apps and found this to be

– most responsive

– easy interface

– intuitive

– allows you to edit text if misunderstood

If it had more languages available it would get a 5+ rating!


photos copyright app owners – used here solely to make this app recognizable from amongst the many others also available under similar names on the ios store.



If you own a camera that uses an SD card, this is something to acquire.  It is on my wishlist 😀

An amazing amount of information and tools are being made available for general access on the Net. It is meant to reach a wide audience but this is unlikely to happen till more people get net savvy.  They are reaching out to people who’d be interested. I know I’m a candidate. I’ve been very keen on learning Mandarin and French. Unlikely to happen in the near future but I’m saving up the information. If any of you choose to try it out, do let me know how you fare.

If you like a conversational and situational type of teaching, download a bunch of audio files and get going. You’ll be speaking Mandarin or Spanish in no time.
Chinese Pod
Spanish Sense

This site believes in repetition and rote and you need to have access to the net to use it but you have 8 or more languages to choose from.

BBC uses multimedia to teach you that basics of a few languages.
7+ by BBC

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I’ve noticed that the maximum hits on this site have been for the iKaraoke post. I cant sing to save my life but do so anyway. Secretly I nuture the thought that beneath confusing scales etc. lurks a great singer as yet undiscovered 😀

Recently I came across a site which allows me to have as many singing performances as I want. I thought that all you (closet) karaoke fans might be interested too. Singshot allows you to make recordings of your favourite songs. You can choose to keep it to yourself or share it with friends or let it loose on a worldwide audience! Happy Singing!

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I’ve recently moved my blogs over to Blogger Beta. In fact, after a bit of reading, I did it the day I received the invitation. 😀 I’m a beginner and just about know the difference between HTML and CSS. I peeked into the Blogger Beta templates and found code that looked new to me and quickly closed the window.

Today while surfing I found a blog that gives an explanation for each element in this new template. This is going to be very handy when I go back to make changes to the new templates. 

Deconstructing Blogger Beta HTML Template Editing

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This is for Mac users and only for those using Panther (10.3.9) and below. These have not been tested on Tiger. Like the author, I havent switched to Tiger and do not intend to. I see a lot of applications out there which say Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) upwards and it gives me great pleasure to direct the folks who havent upgraded to a fantastic tool.

I have been reading about Image editing and resizing web 2.0 and other app reviews on LifeHacker. These gems dont seem to have been covered.  Macworld Reviews carried reviews on them a couple of years back giving each a 5 star rating. These are not apps they are much smaller and become a part of the Mac OS Contextual Menus. You just need to right click ( cntlr + click ) to access.

The first is called QuickImageCM and allows you to quickly add thumbnails to images. You could also view and resize by scale, ratio, save as one of many image types, add a bunch of filters to your image like sharpen or sepia all without opening an application. It’s super quick. There is a companion menu called PhotoToolCM which allows you to batch resize, rotate and get image information. I usually use this for resizing even single files as it is a one click method. I could use the view option in the QuickImageCM but that would mean two steps 😛

QuickImageCM PhotoToolCM

Thumbnails come in very handy as I work with images and like to be able to tell what is in an image or pdf file in a single glance.   Also blogging and uploading to the web requires frequent resizing of images.  Unless already working within an image application I always use these two.

Both these are freeware and designed by Pixture Studios.

My initial thought was to get LifeHacker to add this to its collection but I cant get myself to go through signing up just to be able to leave a comment.


I just loved the title of the article “Dont Click It” and couldnt resist clicking to check it out!  (Source: Ajaxian)

The tip of my index finger is sore at the end of the day with all the clicking and tapping and double tapping that i do and this inspite of having moved from using a mouse to a tablet.  Now while my wrist is in better shape the hidden index finger problem has come to light.   The site is an experiment in the ability to navigate pages without the use of clicking.   I’m all for it and am fervently hoping that it will catch on.

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personalized google

Found this on Lifehacker, who’d spotted it on Pogue’s Posts who got it from one of his readers Richard. Phew! keeping up with keeping a track of a source is getting to be difficult. The norm seems to be to name just the last source but since there werent too many I’ve listed all 3. You might enjoy sending this off to friends just to see their reactions. Me, I was just happy to try out something new and have some fun.

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olympus ds2

None of the gizmos released in the recent past have excited me. But then I spotted digital voice recorders and decided that those were pretty cool. Now I needed an excuse to own one. Being scatty I thought that it would come in handy as a “reminding” tool. I also wanted to keep a journal in which I needed to put in 3 full pages in writing first thing in the morning but by the time I got up and opened up my journalling software I’d already forgotten my dreams, thoughts etc. I’m planning to use this new gadget to dictate into and hopefully transcribe the ramblings later in the day. Read good reviews about the Olympus DS-2 and that’s what I have. To date I use it for reminders and it has come in handy. I hope to start the journalling activity soon.

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I havent been excited about any of the new gadgets until recently. A digital voice recorder was one – to help me remember and for journaling 😀 And now this. Things are beginning to look up. On the singing front, I’m tone deaf so watch out folks 😀

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