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I’ve been busy since yesterday trying to find ways and means of accessing my gmail. It is my primary account and I download it via Apple Mail to my desktop. I use the browsers for checking my mail online. Currently both Safari 1.3.2 and Firefox 2.01a are crashing and mail has not downloaded any mail since yesterday. And it has been pretty erratic for a few days before that.

I can open my account in the browser but as i click on the link the browser crashes. The only thing that i can think of is using Google Calendar but i’m not sure why that should stop the mail from downloading to my desktop. I havent made any changes to Apple Mail and nor to Safari and until a week ago I was getting my mail regularly. I switched off old and new extensions in FireFox thinking that that might help but with no luck.
I’m now waiting to hear from gmail support. 😦

Update: May 24 – I heard from gmail support soon after and they told me that my problem was unique but i wasnt so sure of it until I had the same problem with a couple of links in Clicking on options in the dashboard of my new blog was also crashing my browsers. When support on wordpress suggested that it may be related to my computer and browsers i had to agree.

I now view my gmail account in “html only” mode. and am hoping and praying that the problem will go away! The wordpress problem is not affecting me anymore as I opened a new blog from a wintel computer and can now access it from my powerbook. If there any suggestion re removing some plist file or some such do leave me a comment. thank you.

Update: Dec 19, 2006: I had forgotten that I had made this post. It was soooo long ago. A month ago I put up the same question in the Apple Support Forum along with the crash report. There are a lot of experts who frequent the forums and help newbies out.  Within a day a solution was found.

Apparently there is a problem with corrupt fonts and I removed the culprit from the Fonts folder and voila! my gmail is back in action and I’m thrilled. I’m back to emailing friends. previously i had to remember their ids!! Hoping this helps someone else with a similar problem.

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