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The "How to Mouse Goofy" article on Life Hacker is the reason behind this post.  To leave a comment on their site – you need an invitation like gmail or from another person who'd been signed up etc. etc. etc.  And though i'm a regular LifeHacker feed subscriber and find their articles interesting, this was too much trouble.  Not for a simple thing like leaving a comment.  I'd rather do it here with no additional hoops or loops.

I've been a Computer and now an Internet addict for more years than I can remember.  The usage levels have kept going up as the content on the web has.  I found myself straining my wrist.  I must confess some of it was because of the games ( Wolfenstein 3D, Snood, Aperion – yes, I'm that old :D) that i was playing on the computer. 

About 4 years ago it got pretty bad and I decided to do something about it.  I had already tried the optical mouse and then the optical cum wireless mouse.  None of those really helped.  Then I got myself a Wacom tablet with the idea of learning to do digital art.   I ended up using it as a mouse replacement and it really helps.  I've used the option where the tablet maps the monitor screen so every spot you tap on the tablet is linked to a spot on the monitor.  No more rushing around with the mouse or your finger on a trackpad.  No more wrist strain.

I'm now looking forward to doing more with it than just mousing around. 


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