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Monthly Archives: October 2006


I just loved the title of the article “Dont Click It” and couldnt resist clicking to check it out!  (Source: Ajaxian)

The tip of my index finger is sore at the end of the day with all the clicking and tapping and double tapping that i do and this inspite of having moved from using a mouse to a tablet.  Now while my wrist is in better shape the hidden index finger problem has come to light.   The site is an experiment in the ability to navigate pages without the use of clicking.   I’m all for it and am fervently hoping that it will catch on.

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personalized google

Found this on Lifehacker, who’d spotted it on Pogue’s Posts who got it from one of his readers Richard. Phew! keeping up with keeping a track of a source is getting to be difficult. The norm seems to be to name just the last source but since there werent too many I’ve listed all 3. You might enjoy sending this off to friends just to see their reactions. Me, I was just happy to try out something new and have some fun.

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olympus ds2

None of the gizmos released in the recent past have excited me. But then I spotted digital voice recorders and decided that those were pretty cool. Now I needed an excuse to own one. Being scatty I thought that it would come in handy as a “reminding” tool. I also wanted to keep a journal in which I needed to put in 3 full pages in writing first thing in the morning but by the time I got up and opened up my journalling software I’d already forgotten my dreams, thoughts etc. I’m planning to use this new gadget to dictate into and hopefully transcribe the ramblings later in the day. Read good reviews about the Olympus DS-2 and that’s what I have. To date I use it for reminders and it has come in handy. I hope to start the journalling activity soon.

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I havent been excited about any of the new gadgets until recently. A digital voice recorder was one – to help me remember and for journaling 😀 And now this. Things are beginning to look up. On the singing front, I’m tone deaf so watch out folks 😀

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