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I have been crazy about one thing consistently in my life – technology. i love to keep up-to-date and most of all, I like to share.

It all started with playing around on a zx spectrum and then I moved on to learning basic, next it was just getting my hands on a computer for no other reason but to fiddle around with dos and all kinds of settings and then the excitement of having one on my desk at work and then a mac at home.. wow! and then the internet. It has been bliss.

But as Buddha says P "Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others." I've always had this need, this overwhelming urge to share. D My friends and family politely refrain from shutting me up but they dont necessarily rush out and try whatever it is that i'm recommending. But when they have computer related problems they usually come back to me. The other problem that i have is forgetfulness and also changing interests. it was programming, then java, then games and now drawing and painting.

I now have close to 2000 bookmarks saved over the last few years. And I havent saved everything (honest!) that i've come across, just stuff that i thought that i'd like to go back and check-out. The sad thing is that for most I havent managed to go back to. And when i do, i cant make out just by looking at the bookmark why i saved it and sometimes the site no longer exists 😦 Too much is happening everyday on the web and i want to jump in when it's new. A description always helps for when i want to get back to it.

This site is not for reviews it is to help me keep up with the things that i've found interesting, those that i've tried and those that i'd like to recommend.


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