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I just loved the title of the article “Dont Click It” and couldnt resist clicking to check it out!  (Source: Ajaxian)

The tip of my index finger is sore at the end of the day with all the clicking and tapping and double tapping that i do and this inspite of having moved from using a mouse to a tablet.  Now while my wrist is in better shape the hidden index finger problem has come to light.   The site is an experiment in the ability to navigate pages without the use of clicking.   I’m all for it and am fervently hoping that it will catch on.

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The "How to Mouse Goofy" article on Life Hacker is the reason behind this post.  To leave a comment on their site – you need an invitation like gmail or from another person who'd been signed up etc. etc. etc.  And though i'm a regular LifeHacker feed subscriber and find their articles interesting, this was too much trouble.  Not for a simple thing like leaving a comment.  I'd rather do it here with no additional hoops or loops.

I've been a Computer and now an Internet addict for more years than I can remember.  The usage levels have kept going up as the content on the web has.  I found myself straining my wrist.  I must confess some of it was because of the games ( Wolfenstein 3D, Snood, Aperion – yes, I'm that old :D) that i was playing on the computer. 

About 4 years ago it got pretty bad and I decided to do something about it.  I had already tried the optical mouse and then the optical cum wireless mouse.  None of those really helped.  Then I got myself a Wacom tablet with the idea of learning to do digital art.   I ended up using it as a mouse replacement and it really helps.  I've used the option where the tablet maps the monitor screen so every spot you tap on the tablet is linked to a spot on the monitor.  No more rushing around with the mouse or your finger on a trackpad.  No more wrist strain.

I'm now looking forward to doing more with it than just mousing around. 

Need a button but like me you’re a newbie? Buttonator makes it as easy as 123. Choose your font, color and style and you have a button ready to download. Simple!

Here’s my effort

Found this link on Ajaxian today.