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I’ve noticed that the maximum hits on this site have been for the iKaraoke post. I cant sing to save my life but do so anyway. Secretly I nuture the thought that beneath confusing scales etc. lurks a great singer as yet undiscovered 😀

Recently I came across a site which allows me to have as many singing performances as I want. I thought that all you (closet) karaoke fans might be interested too. Singshot allows you to make recordings of your favourite songs. You can choose to keep it to yourself or share it with friends or let it loose on a worldwide audience! Happy Singing!

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I havent been excited about any of the new gadgets until recently. A digital voice recorder was one – to help me remember and for journaling 😀 And now this. Things are beginning to look up. On the singing front, I’m tone deaf so watch out folks 😀

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