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I just loved the title of the article “Dont Click It” and couldnt resist clicking to check it out!  (Source: Ajaxian)

The tip of my index finger is sore at the end of the day with all the clicking and tapping and double tapping that i do and this inspite of having moved from using a mouse to a tablet.  Now while my wrist is in better shape the hidden index finger problem has come to light.   The site is an experiment in the ability to navigate pages without the use of clicking.   I’m all for it and am fervently hoping that it will catch on.

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I was a TechCrunch only fan until quite by chance I stumbled across Emily Chang's eHub. It is currently Top of the Pops in websites as far as I'm concerned. For example, I read about Tabblo on eHub. For me, Emily Chang's site has now overtaken Michael Arrington's TechCrunch and it's because of the speed and range of coverage of all things Web 2.0. TechCrunch still remains my site of choice for detailed reviews.