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I was a TechCrunch only fan until quite by chance I stumbled across Emily Chang's eHub. It is currently Top of the Pops in websites as far as I'm concerned. For example, I read about Tabblo on eHub. For me, Emily Chang's site has now overtaken Michael Arrington's TechCrunch and it's because of the speed and range of coverage of all things Web 2.0. TechCrunch still remains my site of choice for detailed reviews.



See my Tabblo>

I sign up for most anything that looks interesting to me. And there’s plenty these days that fits the bill! Tabblo is one such offering. It allows you to put up a bunch of photos and string them together with a story. I think that that’s pretty exciting.

While I signed up and linked my Flickr account on May 16, today is the first time I actually got around to trying it. I’ve made a Tabblo using one of their pre-defined formats and it was fairly straightforward. I definitely plan on using it some more. I hope to come back with a better story soon.

Along with wanting to try just about everything that's new on the web lately, I'm a bit absent minded, forget things like appoinments 😛

When online calendars became available, I went and checked them out and settled for 30boxes and was quite pleased with them. 3 weeks after which Google Calendar was out and i've moved to trying that out too because of the promised inter-connectivity with gmail. I am also hoping that somewhere in the near future all the things i'm dabbling in can all be linked and synchronised! On a shorter time frame, it would be nice to be able to differentiate between events and tasks.

While account synchronisation is what made me try Google Calendar, it seems that 30boxes will be providing it too soon.  And as for Google, I'm still waiting for them to add that bit of code to my gmail page.  

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Found this chat box today and took it for a test drive. First the web version where you add your website address to the Gabbly one ie. and you're off – opens your web page up with a chat box allowing anyone visiting you to have a chat. pretty neat i thought.

one of the new things with Gabbly was that it lists all the current people online and it also allows you to position it on the side, below and stretch or shorten the length of the floating box. And I especially love the idea of the RSS feed.

having enjoyed the experience so far, i then decided to try the embedded version and i've put it here to chat with some of my friends.

For me it was definitely worth the effort and chatting with it has been better than a couple of others that i've tried.

Shall put in an update after a few days of use.

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