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I tried out a few apps and found this to be

– most responsive

– easy interface

– intuitive

– allows you to edit text if misunderstood

If it had more languages available it would get a 5+ rating!


photos copyright app owners – used here solely to make this app recognizable from amongst the many others also available under similar names on the ios store.


An amazing amount of information and tools are being made available for general access on the Net. It is meant to reach a wide audience but this is unlikely to happen till more people get net savvy.  They are reaching out to people who’d be interested. I know I’m a candidate. I’ve been very keen on learning Mandarin and French. Unlikely to happen in the near future but I’m saving up the information. If any of you choose to try it out, do let me know how you fare.

If you like a conversational and situational type of teaching, download a bunch of audio files and get going. You’ll be speaking Mandarin or Spanish in no time.
Chinese Pod
Spanish Sense

This site believes in repetition and rote and you need to have access to the net to use it but you have 8 or more languages to choose from.

BBC uses multimedia to teach you that basics of a few languages.
7+ by BBC

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I’ve recently moved my blogs over to Blogger Beta. In fact, after a bit of reading, I did it the day I received the invitation. 😀 I’m a beginner and just about know the difference between HTML and CSS. I peeked into the Blogger Beta templates and found code that looked new to me and quickly closed the window.

Today while surfing I found a blog that gives an explanation for each element in this new template. This is going to be very handy when I go back to make changes to the new templates. 

Deconstructing Blogger Beta HTML Template Editing

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Update: July 19, 2006: Unfortunately, I assumed that this fix would work for this new beta but it does not 😦 . Works with the previous version – Bon Echo.
I’m one of those early adopters as far as alpha and beta versions of apps go. Silly thrills coz they usually land me into trouble. But I love trying out new stuff so there’s no stopping me.

When I installed Bon Echo (FireFox 2.01a) most of my old extensions stopped working. I missed the Performancing extension especially. I had been using it to make my blog posts. Surfed a lot and literally stumbled across the solution which worked. A few days ago I downloaded FireFox 2.0b and once again I was stuck without my extensions. Being scatty, forgetful and non techy, I couldnt recall the solution. Finally after much hunting I found this amongst my 2000 odd bookmark collection on blinklist. Decided I wasnt going to let that happen again and I’m putting it below for easier access in future.

I found Liew Cheon Fong’s solution listed on John’s blog and was ever so grateful. I’m putting a copy below for easy reference.

  1. At the location bar, enter: about:config. This will show you a list of Firefox internal preferences.
  2. Right-click on the list, select New > String
  3. Enter “app.extensions.version” (without quotes) for the preference name.
  4. Then, enter “1.0” (without quotes) as the value for app.extensions.version.
  5. Restart Firefox 1.5, then enable those disabled Firefox extensions.
  6. Restart Firefox 1.5 again to active the extensions. Done.

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.